Why ganesh idol is dissolved into water sources after ganesh chaturthi ?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why do people solubilize/dissolve the Ganesha Idols(Ganesh visarjan)made of clay, into water sources after Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations? 

Have you ever wondered??
Here is a scientific reason behind such custom.
Our ancestors had always been keen on doing religious acts, leaving behind a touch of science in it. Here is the exact reason.
In the holy month of Aadi( in Tamil), also known as Aashaadi( in Marati), the water level in the water sources like rivers and lakes increases and solubilizes the sand. Due to the absence of sand, water fails to penetrate through it and remains useless.But, water can very well penetrate through clay and can be a good reservoir of ground water. Thus, this is the reason behind solubilizing Ganesh idols made of clay into water sources.
And..again have u wondered , why do people solubilize the idols only after 3 or 5 days post Ganesh Chathurthi and not on the very next day?
There is again a scientific fact intertwined here.
Wet clay when solubilized in water, goes with the flow of water making its purpose useless. To the contrary, dried clay can strongly allow the water penetration through it and makes water stay in the ground. This serves as the underground drinking water. This act is a great methodology for replenishing the ground water level..
So friends..let us bear this in mind and solubilize only CLAY IDOLS of LORD GANESH into water sources..!!! 

May Lord Ganesh shower his blessings on all of us in abundance..smile emoticon

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