Best ways to earn money from video sharing

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey guyz !Did you ever know why people nowadays shoot videos even at the risk of their life,its because they know that they can earn money by sharing videos.Yeah !All you need is to shoot a unique video which would please the interest of people to watch it.
I hope,now you too want to know how you can make money from video sharing.So,now i'm going to tell you the sites which offer this feature of earning money by uploading videos.
Here we go !


Yes.Youtube is the best site of all to give this feature to earn lots of money.All you need to have is an active adsense account.Then,you can upload your videos,and signup with "youtube partner program" and monetize all your videos.Thats it.When ever someone watches your video,they would see the add,and you will get your share of money through adsense. is similar to youtube.Here you can share videos,pictures and also flash games.You will get a share of $2000 if your stuff is seen in the homepage of the site. And your picture would get you $ 25 if it becomes a part of the Gallery of the website. Method of payment is PayPal. shares 50% revenue earned from advertisers to its users who upload videos. This website shares revenue on per month basis and payment has been made per month via PayPal or check and you must have at least $25 accumulated in your Blip author account to receive payment.


Daily motion is also a most used web app to earn money from video sharing.You can upload videos,monetize them and share them in your social networks.Also you can embed your videos in your websites,and thus increasing your overall income.Dailymotion also doesn't mintor your videos keenly.Thus,you can publish videos of other authors,provided,you get prior permission from the original author before publishing as a due respect to the author.

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