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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Java interview attended by Sardarji

Q. Explain 2 tier and 3 tier architecture ?
A. Two wheelers like scooters will have 2 tyres and auto rickshaws will have 3 tyres.

Q. I want to store more than ten objects in a remote server? Which methodology will follow?
A. Send it through courier.

Q. Can I modify an object in CORBA?
A. As you wish, I do not have any objections.

Give my free gift

Sardar starts shouting in a store......
Where is my free gift with this oil?

Shopkeeper : There is nothing free with this
Sardar: It is written CHOLESTEROL FREE.

Hitler says, 
"There is no word like IMPOSSIBLE in my dictionary" 
Sardar says: Ab bolne se kya faayda? "Jub kharidi thi tab hi check karna tha na"  

Gang of SARDARS broke a Bank. 
Instead of cash they found Botles full of Chilled Red Wine, 
Happily they drank & went away. 
Next day Headline aai: Blood Bank lutya gya.  

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked:" Why r u writing so slowly?
Sardar: "I'm writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he can't read very fast. 

Sardar: I hav’nt slept all nite in the train.
Friend: Y?
Sardar: Got upper berth.
Friend: Y did’nt u ecchanged?
Sardar: oye, there was nobody
2 exchange in the lower birth..  

Sardar 2 friend: Guess how many
coins I have in my pocket?
Friend:If I guess right, u give me 1?
Sardar:Oji, I will give both of them 

Sardar looks at an icecube for 1 hour
some one asks him what he was doing..
Sardar replied:-iam checking from where its leaking....! 

Q: Why are there no elephants in Bollywood?
A:They can't run around trees without knocking them down.

 A sardar on an interview for the post of detective was
asked a question
Interviewer - Who killed Gandhiji ?
Sardar - Thanks for giving me the job, I will

One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village???
Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!

Sardar’s Friend: Yaar,
Last Year The Name Plate Outside Your House
Read Santa Singh, B.A.
This Year It Reads Santa Singh, M.A.
When Did You Finish Your Masters Degree?
Sardar: You Don’t Understand.
Last Year My Wife Died,
I Put B.A. To Indicate “Bachelor Again”.
Then I Took A Second Wife, So M.A. Is “Married Again”.
Q:Why is a Sardarji standing below
a tube light with a open mouth?
A:Because his doctor advised him
“Today’s dinner should be light”

A sardar ji pulled out 6 people from a burning house…
still he was in jail…….why?
coz all the 6 were fire brigade staff !
A sardar went to Pizza Hut.
There he ordered a Pizza.
The Waiter asked him:
Sir shell I cut it into 4 pieces or 8 pieces.
Sardar replied:
O 4 hi le aa yaar,
8 to nahin khaye jayein gay
Teacher: what is the scientific formula for water?
Sardar: h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o.
Teacher: nonsense! how did you derive that?
Sardar: auntie, it is H to O (h2o)!

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