Birthday wish to a best friend

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello friends !
This is a special birthday wish,which i received from my best friend on my birthday.I would like to share it with you.

When everytime , a new year blossoms in my life,
my eyes get stuck with the month of April
exactly nineteen days past the Day of Fools...
Like a deep cut made with knife,
the Twentieth Day has its mark frilled
with tons of memories and happiness in my life of whirl pools...
Right from our school,
where it had its start
years and years before, the nicest bond
had its way out...!!
How lucky am I to sail in the waters of your friendship?...!!!
Its this day twenty two years back
your parents gifted you to this world
for creating a wonderful fellowship..
From then on, you sound clack
as you are an emerald,
a unique gem piece in your own flips..
Yes...! Its my best friend's birthday today...!
The Best Day of the Year....!
As you step into twenty three,
I feel ecstatic, for
the fact that you are
ahead of me in all way..
You are the biggest Bay
of my life of Bengal...!
Almighty is all pervading
so does he bonds us with
a beautiful ray of friendship..!
He is protecting
you with a big sheath
as you roar all way
staying healthy wealthy and wise...!
I wish to see you at the top
of the world,
not as a mere spectator,
but as your best friend
to kindle the fire in you and taste success...!
I am glad you are the Best..!
And this year will mark its own speciality..!!
Yes..! Its my best friend's birthday today..!
The Best Day of the Year..!

Written by,
Meenakshi Parvathi(My best friend)

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