Will we survive 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What will it take to survive 2012? Most naturally that depends on what will happen. Humanity can already sense that something is not right with the world. You can too. This is not a temporary effect due to recessive times or the Arab Spring uprisings, Occupy Wall Street and other protests. No, and also not the recent upsurge of natural and man-made disasters (Japanese tsunami and Fukushima meltdown, Hurricane Katrina, BP oil spill, Texas and southwest droughts, Asia’s torrential rains, the  Indonesian Earthquakes and tsunami etc).

No, we can feel it, and it’s subconsciously in the back of everyone’s mind. People stockpiled massive supplies and survival kits and planned for the worst during Y2K and other laughable doomsday scenarios of the past, but these were all human-created–that is, they were based off of human thoughts, concepts and creations. And of course nothing came of them. Cosmic powers were not at play. What will happen in 2012 is much more than what we, humans have control over. Planet X is the primary culprit, and is what is behind the already manifesting and future changes that will happen to Earth in 2012 and the short time period before and after. Planet X’s passing disrupts the balance and properties of every planet in our solar system as it approaches, nears and passes. Earth is not exempt, why would it be?
The gravitational effect of Niburu on Earth will trigger many things. Primarily, the Ring of Fire, the largest geological measure when referring to earthquake faults as a group, will be set “on fire” throughout the entire planet and massive earthquakes will cause islands to shift and sink, new islands to be formed and volcanoes and supervolcanoes to erupt in a fury and in numbers never witnessed before in modern times. Many will die in the ensuing damage and catastrophes. Survival for you and your family will not be impossible, but you must plan ahead. In the bible prophecies, it says that “every mountain and island were moved out of their places.” Revelation 6:12-17 KJV. Note the word “every.” It is rare for the Bible or any other intelligent text to utilize absolute phrases like this. Very few things are “every” or “none.”  Please consider the weight of this phrase. And remember that only Planet X could bring about damage to the Earth of this magnitude.
There are many other disasters and phenomenon that Planet X and the end times will bring that can’t be explored in depth here on this intro page, but look around this site and other resources, and especially look at our how to survive 2012 section in which we talk about how to survive various doomsday scenarios as well as a earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and more.
Well,this year would be our greatest months ahead..Let us enjoy each and every moment with the fear of destruction of earth !! :P

NO fear,I am here !!! LOL :P

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